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Principal Instituto Studies on Ramon Llull Dialogo inter-religioso Cursos Comunidade virtual

The Art of Conversion : Christianity & Kabbalah in the Thirteenth Century, by Harvey J. Hames

Doctor ILLUMINATUS. A Ramon Llull Reader, de Anthonny Bonner

Lull and Bruno : Collected Essays..., by Francis Yates

Ramon Lull : A Biography, by Edgar A. Peers

Ramon Lull and Lullism in Fourteenth Century France, by J. N. Hillgarth

The Book of the Lover and the Beloved, by Ramon Lull, in a new translation by Eve Bonner.

The Book of the Ordre of Chyvalry or Knyghthode (The English Experience, Its Record in Early Printed Books Published in Facsimile, No. 778), by Ramon Lull, William Caxton.

The Spiritual Logic of Ramon Llull, by Mark D. Johnston

The art of contemplation, by Ramon Lull

The book of the beasts
, by Ramon Lull

Blanquerna,† by Ramon Lull

Doctor Illuminatus, by Ramon Llull, Anthony Bonner (Editor), Eve Bonner

Doctor Illuminatus : A Ramon Llull Reader (Mythos) " by Ramon Llull, Anthony Bonner (Editor), Translator

Ramon Llull's New Rhetoric : Text and Translation of Llull's Rethorica Nova, by Mark D.. Johnston (Editor)

The Apostolic Hero and Community in Ramon Llull's Blanquerna: A Literary Study of a Medieval Utopia: With a Critical Bibliography (Catalan Studies).by Roberto J. Gonzalez-Casanovas

The Book of the Order of Chivalry, by Ramon Lull

The Evangelical Rhetoric of Ramon Llull: Lay Learning and Piety in the Christian West Around 1300, by Mark D. Johnston

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